Syndrome X
The Complete Nutritional Program To Prevent Insulin Resistance

2002; ISBN # 0-471-35835-5
by Jack Challem,
Burton Berkson and
Melissa Diane Smith

John Wiley & Sons
272 pages

"Syndrome X could very well be the next public health crisis, and the information in this book can keep you from being another statistic."

- Fred Pescatore, M.D. nutritionally
oriented insulin-resistance specialist
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Syndrome X is a common condition many people don't realize they have. It's the combination of insulin resistance with extra weight around the middle, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and/or high blood pressure. A prediabetic condition, it ages people prematurely and sets the stage for heart disease, type II diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

This book explains, in simple terms, how Syndrome X develops and how you can prevent it and reverse the condition through nutritional means. Included are therapeutic diets, supermarket shopping and eating out suggestions, and supplement plans for people with various degrees of blood sugar imbalance -- from those who are just slightly overweight to those who have type II diabetes.


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