Going Against GMOs
The Fast-Growing Movement to Avoid Unnatural Genetically Modified “Foods” to Take Back Our Food and Health

2014; ISBN# 978-0-9908152-0-4
by Melissa Diane Smith

Melissa Diane Smith
358 pages


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The movement of consumers avoiding unnatural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) hidden in foods is growing so swiftly and with such force, it’s becoming a revolution. Yet Americans and Canadians have been kept in the dark for so long about genetically modified foods that many people still don’t know about them.

Going Against GMOs is the definitive consumer’s guide to understanding genetically modified foods, the food issue of our time, from the unique perspective of a trailblazing nutritionist. In this book, you’ll find:

  • The top 10 reasons to stay away from GMOs
  • Why you have to go against the status quo to avoid GMOs
  • The Eat GMO-Free Challenge & non-GMO optimal health guidelines
  • Detailed instructions for avoiding GMOs when shopping & eating out
  • More than 45 easy-to-make, non-GMO (and gluten-free) recipes
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