Basic Health Publications
Users Guide to Vitamin E

2002; ISBN # 1-59120-003-2
by Jack Challem and Melissa Diane Smith


Basic Health Publications
92 pages

Vitamin E is the main antioxidant that protects all cells from damage, so it's one of the most important nutrient supplements to keep your whole body healthy and avoid disease. This quick-read guide explains the benefits of vitamin E supplementation, including protecting against heart disease, reducing the risk of cancer, boosting immunity and slowing the aging process. It is a handy resource for people just thinking about taking supplements to hard-core supplement users who can't remember why they take vitamin E everyday.
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Users Guide to Vitamin E

Table of Contents


1. Protecting the Heart

2. Reducing The Risk of Cancer

3. Boosting Immunity and Quenching Inflammation

4. Preserving the Mind

5. Improving Sexual Health

6.Slowing the Aging Process and More

7. What You Should Know About Tocotrienols

8. Shopping for and Taking Vitamin E


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