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Users Guide to Chromium

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2002;ISBN # 1-59120-012-1
by Melissa Diane Smith

Basic Health Publications
92 pages
Chromium is a mighty mineral with one very important job: to help the blood-sugar-lowering hormone, insulin, work more efficiently. This job has tremendous effects for preserving and improving health throughout the body. This reader-friendly guide covers the widespread benefits of chromium supplementation for people with conditions such as type II diabetes, prediabetes, Syndrome X, obesity, depression and premenstrual syndrome -- and also explains why chromium is great for people who want to prevent these common conditions and delay the aging process.
AgainstThe Grain Nutrition
Users Guide to Chromium

Table of Contents


1. Basics about Chromium

2. Nutritional Therapy for Diabetes

3. A Protector Against Cholesterol Problems, Syndrome X and Heart Disease

4. An Aid in Fighting the Battle of the Bulge

5. An Anti-Aging Agent

6. A Natural Remedy for Depression and Premenstrual Tension

7. Other Benefits and Areas for Future Research

8. How to Buy and Use Chromium

9. Supplements and Other Factors That Enhance Chromium's Effects


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