Deciding on Nutrition Counseling
or Nutrition Coaching?
Here is How They Differ

Nutrition Counseling
Nutrition counseling offers Melissa’s assessment of your diet and her initial personalized diet and supplement recommendations specifically designed for you and the conditions that are of concern. Follow-up consultations are good for regular check-ups every six months to one year to fine-tune your diet and work on any challenges with which you need help. General guidelines on how to put the recommendations into practice – such as supermarket savvy and restaurant savvy – are covered in the counseling sessions (and more specifics on these topics are covered in Melissa’s books).

Nutrition Coaching
One-on-one coaching is known to be one of the most effective approaches to improve performance in athletes and corporations and to help individuals change longstanding habits and replace them with healthier lifestyle habits that last a lifetime. Nutrition coaching services from Melissa are indicated when you need ongoing one-on-one sessions to learn specific, individualized practical skills (i.e., reading food product labels, creating personalized shopping lists, meal planning, learning how to order properly in restaurants or how to eat properly while traveling) and to make changes in longstanding habits, which takes time and education to break old habits. Nutrition coaching is also indicated if you need Melissa to walk you through a complete diet overhaul or if you’re working on reversing heart disease risk factors, prediabetes, an autoimmune disease, or other conditions in which commitment, a concentrated plan, follow-through and accountability are needed.

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