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If you're looking for nutrition information that can help your health, you've come to the right place. Browse this site and you can investigate books I've written... Read my articles... Check out information about my latest book... Or learn about my long-distance, personalized nutrition consultations and how you can schedule one with me. You're bound to learn something new that will boost your nutrition IQ and improve your life!

What you won't find on this web site is a sales pitch for vitamin supplements or any other type of supplement. I don't sell supplements. What I offer is objective, cutting-edge, nutrition information and guidance to help you become a knowledgeable consumer.

More than a decade ago, I became a true believer in the power of nutrition after I recovered my health and lost 30 pounds with the right diet and supplement plan. I went on to get advanced education in nutrition and became even more of a believer in nutrition after counseling clients and hearing from readers who recovered from everything from persistent digestive upset to type 2 diabetes.

I firmly believe that food is our best medicine, and I'm committed to sharing this message with you. So, surf this site and make it a health-enhancing experience: learn about me and my work and what the information I provide can do for you.

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